November 13, 2020
Mike Jr

6 Productive Ways to Spend Time at Home During Quarantine

Whether you’re trapped inside, socially distancing, or just avoiding large groups, we want to help. Here are some of the most productive ways to spend time during quarantine.

Quarantine has been tough. Some people can easily stay productive indoors and alone. Others cannot.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. The rest of the world is struggling to stay protective during a range of lockdown conditions.

Whether you’re trapped inside, socially distancing, or just avoiding large groups, we want to help. Here are some of the most productive ways to spend time during quarantine.

1) Learn a Language

A few decades ago, you needed in-person interaction to learn a language. Today, you can become virtually fluent without leaving your couch.

Apps like Babel and Duolingo have surged in popularity during quarantine. It’s an easy way to keep your brain active while preparing for a time when we can all travel again. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. Maybe you want to challenge yourself by learning Chinese or Arabic. Whatever the situation may be, you can easily learn a language – or at least the basics of a language – without leaving your house.

Or, if you prefer social interaction when learning a language, you can find plenty of instructors willing to interact via Zoom. Learn the basics with a free language training mobile app, then hop on a Zoom call with a native speaker to take proficiency to the next level.

It’s easier to learn a language in 2020 than at any previous point in human history. Take advantage of it.

2) Enrol in a Free Course

FutureLearn, Edx, The Open University, Lynda, and other online education platforms offer a range of free courses.

In fact, some of the world’s leading universities offer free courses. MIT’s OpenCourseWare, for example, lets you enjoy a world-class learning experience without spending a dime. Browse available courses ranging from coding to biology. Learn a new skill. Prepare yourself for the workforce or flex your brain power for fun.

Just like language learning, online education is bigger in 2020 than it’s ever been. Educational institutions are adapting to COVID-19-related changes like the rest of us, and that means you’ll find more courses available today than ever before. Take advantage of it – and learn something new with a free online course today.  

3) Attend a Virtual Painting Class

2020 has led to a surge in online classes and virtual events. Today, Paint and Sip Live offers virtual painting classes for people around the world.

Paint and Sip Live’s virtual painting classes combine a party atmosphere with an instructional environment. Each class features a live DJ and a professional painting instructor. The instructor walks virtual guests through a painting step-by-step, while the DJ keeps the energy up.

Plus, you can drink your own wine at home – not the cheap stuff they serve at most in-person paint and sip studios.

Painting is more than just a fun and creative activity. Studies show painting is linked with genuine cognitive benefits. It flexes your brain in unique ways.

Whether attending by yourself, with a partner, or with a group of friends, a virtual painting class from Paint and Sip Live is a productive, social, and safe event for any type of quarantine.

4) Send Cards to Friends and Family

You’re not the only one craving social interaction in 2020. Friends and relatives may be feeling lonelier than ever – particularly older relatives.

Sure, you could Skype or Zoom with friends and relatives. Or, you could send them a physical card as a reminder you still care. Sending a card is easy. Buy a pack of 10 or 20 cards, then send them to friends and family across the country. Write personalized notes. It’s a small gesture – but it can mean a lot more than a Skype or Zoom call.

5) Tackle Home Renovation Projects

Home renovation and construction projects have never been more popular. The surge in home renovations, in fact, has led to a lumber shortage that has driven up prices.

Nevertheless, there’s never a better time than today to tackle a home renovation project. Whether you’re building a deck, landscaping your yard, or finishing a basement or bathroom, home renovation projects add significant value and usefulness to your home – but they take a lot of work.

Home renovation projects let you stay active and productive even when around the house all day. Sure, it may take multiple trips to the hardware store – and you may need to borrow multiple tools from neighbors – but a home renovation project teaches you useful skills, adds genuine value to your home, and keeps you active and productive all day.

6) Experiment with New Recipes

Cook something new tonight. Buy random ingredients from the grocery store and figure out how to use them.

Just like learning a language or taking an online course, cooking new recipes is easier in 2020 than it’s ever been in human history.

There are millions – literally millions – of recipes available online today. Maybe you’ve always been curious about Mongolian cuisine. Maybe you want to try a challenging recipe your grandmother used to make.

Setup multiple regional theme nights. Cook things you’ve never cooked before. Once quarantine ends, you’ll be equipped with all types of new and unique cooking knowledge to impress your friends.

Being Productive is Good for your Brain

It’s easy to sit at home all day and scroll endlessly through your phone.

However, productivity is important. Being productive is good for your brain. A productive brain is a healthy one.

Whether it’s a virtual paint and sip class, an online course, or a home renovation project, the activities above help you stay productive throughout quarantine.