September 17, 2020
Mike Jr.

Everything You Need to Know Before your First Paint and Sip Class

Painting and wine go together wonderfully. Today, paint and sip classes are more popular than ever – and that means you might get invited to one soon.

Painting and wine go together wonderfully. Today, paint and sip classes are more popular than ever – and that means you might get invited to one soon.

Did you just get invited to a paint and sip class? Are you totally clueless about what to bring, where to start, or how to paint?

That’s okay! Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know before your first paint and sip class.

Just Relax

First, you need to relax.

Paint and sip classes are supposed to be fun and relaxing. They’re not supposed to be stressful, high-intensity situations. You’re painting for fun – not to start a new career as a professional artist.

If you’re feeling stressed before your paint and sip class, then you’re already doing it wrong.

If you’re the worst painter in the world – then that’s okay! You have a funny story to tell. If you have some talent, then great! Keep working at it.  

At Paint and Sip Live, we make things even less stressful. If you don’t have supplies, then we can ship an entire beginner painting kit to your house before the class. That means you can sign up online, stay in your house for three days, and still have everything you need to join a live streaming virtual paint and sip class.

Take a deep breath: we’ll walk you through everything else you need to know before your first Paint and Sip Live class (or any virtual painting class).

You Don’t Need to Bring Anything to In-Person Paint and Sip Classes

In-person paint and sip classes are designed to be an all-inclusive activity. With most in-person classes, you don’t need to bring anything – just yourself.

Most in-person paint studios are equipped with everything you need for a fun painting class, including protective aprons, painting supplies, easels, water buckets, and (of course), bottles of wine and wine glasses.

Some people bring snacks to a paint and sip class. Most in-person classes, however, have snacks available on-site.

We Ship Everything for Virtual Paint Classes

At Paint and Sip Live, we don’t have in-person classes. Instead, we are a live streaming paint class provider. We offer multiple live streaming paint classes each week featuring live music, expert painting instructors, and a low-stress atmosphere.

Do you have basic painting supplies at home? Great! You’re ready to hop into one of our classes as soon as tonight.

Are you completely new to painting and have no idea where to start? That’s okay, too! We can ship a beginner painting kit to your address within days, and you can join your first Paint and Sip Live class as soon as this weekend.

Private Bookings vs. Ordinary Classes

Now that you have your painting supplies, you’re ready to join a Paint and Sip Live class.

We live stream painting classes multiple times per week. Visit to check our class schedule, then join a class at your convenience.

You can join a painting class as a solo painter. Or, you can join with a group of friends. We encourage a social atmosphere, and most of our students join our paint and sip classes with a group of friends. Invite a few friends over, open a bottle of wine (or several), and join a class.

Alternatively, we offer private bookings, including private paint party at home events. You can book a private event with Paint and Sip Live and get all of the entertainment of an ordinary event – but just for you and your friends. With our private bookings, you and your friends can participate virtually, with each person logging into the class over zoom. Or, you can join from a single location, with all friends gathered in one spot. We’re flexible!

Items Needed for a Beginner Painting Class

Painting at home for the first time? We can ship a beginner’s kit to your doorstep in days. Or, you can gather the supplies yourself. It’s totally up to you. In fact, some stores sell beginner-friendly painting kits, minimizing the amount of shopping you need to do.  

Basic Painting Supplies

If painting for the first time, we recommend buying the following painting supplies:

• Acrylic paints (student or artist quality)

• Paintbrushes

• A surface on which to paint (canvas, wood, or paper)

• Artist palette or tray

• Rag or paper towels

• Cup of water

• Varnish

Don’t forget the wine and wine glasses! One of the best parts about joining a paint and sip class at home is bringing your own drinks: you don’t have to drink the cheap wine they serve at most in-person paint and sip studios!

Extra Painting Supplies

You can fully participate in our classes with the basic painting supplies above. More advanced painters and perfectionists, however, may want the following supplies:

• Gesso

• Easel

• Apron

• Palette knife

• Scraping tools (like a sponge or toothpick)

• Masking tape

• Acrylic mediums

• Pencil or charcoal

Final Word

Virtual painting classes are supposed to be fun and easy. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced painter, whether joining solo or with a group of friends, you can discover a fun new hobby with a paint and sip class.

At Paint and Sip Live, we take even more stress out of your painting experience.

Instead of gathering painting supplies beforehand, you get everything delivered to your door. We’ll send a beginner’s painting kit to your doorstep. You just join the stream at the right time – and get ready for a fun paint night party filled with painting, sipping, and music with Paint and Sip Live.