December 11, 2020

Top 10 Virtual Corporate Party Ideas for Your Remote Office

From holiday parties to team-building events, virtual holiday parties are more important than ever.

From holiday parties to team-building events, virtual holiday parties are more important than ever.

Today, some corporations are thriving remotely – while others are falling behind.

Some companies have embraced the virtual office, creating a sense of camaraderie even with teams scattered around the world. Others have ignored team-building, leading to awkwardness between coworkers and low morale.  

Good corporate party planning is important now more than ever.

Here are some of the best corporate party ideas for remote offices and virtual workplaces.

1) Book a Virtual Painting Party

Paint and Sip LIVE offers private virtual painting parties to companies of all sizes (we require a minimum of just 10 people for a private virtual painting party).

During a virtual painting party, you and your team learn how to paint something. Our expert explains the painting process in a step-by-step way. Beginner painters can flex their brain and learn a new skill. Advanced painters learn new tricks from our professionally-trained painting instructor.

We play music throughout the private event, which means you don’t get the awkwardness or stuffiness of other virtual painting nights – which can be particularly noticeable if your team is unfamiliar with one another!

There’s no preparation required for our virtual painting party: we can send beginner painting kits anywhere in the United States. Book your private event, then get ready for an unforgettable virtual painting party.

2) Host a Virtual Video Game Night

From Jackbox to co-op games, video game nights are more popular than ever.

Depending on the demographics of your office, virtual game night may be just what your team needs. Share a screen over Zoom or join each other via Steam, Xbox, or Playstation. With more co-operative video games and virtual party games than ever, virtual video game nights can suit a wide range of audiences.

Even something as simple as a free Chess game, free online Scrabble game, or another free online video game could be exactly what your office needs to learn more about one another.

3) Schedule a Happy Hour Party

You don’t need to overthink virtual party planning: just host a virtual happy hour. Some remote teams are so starved for social interaction that a happy hour could be exactly what you need – even if you’re just sitting around talking to one another over a beverage.

Start your virtual happy hour with an ice breaker game. As the team gets more comfortable, you could introduce basic games.

4) Send Secret Gift Boxes to One Another

Host a Secret Santa-style event with your office – even if it’s not Christmas. Match employees together, put a cash limit on gifts, and send gifts around the country. Open the gifts together virtually.

If your team is distributed around the world, then get regional gifts – like local chocolates or other local gifts. You can even do this for teams distributed across different states.

5) Have a Virtual Taste Testing Event

Send beverages, sauces, foods, coffees, or teas to your employees, then host a virtual taste testing event.

Taste each flavor together on Zoom, then talk about it. It’s an easy, hassle-free way to break the ice and get people more familiar with each other.

Whether it’s a beer flight or a selection of hot sauces, you can find plenty of foods and beverages to taste.

6) Host a Pet Photo Competition

If most of your employees have cats, dogs, or other pets, then host a virtual pet photo competition.

With pet adoptions at record highs, more people have pets at home than ever. Whether showing off a new puppy or dressing up a pet up for a holiday, a pet photo competition lets you introduce virtual coworkers to your four-legged friends.

7) Share a Childhood Photo & Play a Guessing Game

Can you guess what your coworkers looked like when they were children? Are you good at connecting people’s faces to childhood photos?

Share a childhood photo with your coworkers and play a guessing competition. Get each employee to send a guess for each photo. The employee with the most correct guesses wins!

Like other corporate office games, childhood photo guessing games are a good way to break the ice without being overly intrusive. You can talk about where someone grew up and learn more about their background.

8) Play a Typing Speed Race or Relay

If you want a low-key virtual event to play with your office, then a typing speed race over Zoom can be surprisingly entertaining.

Some teams have taken typing speed races to the next level with typing speed relays. The next employee starts when the previous employee has finished.

This game is particularly entertaining with people who spend a lot of time at their computers – like writers who are already good at typing. If you want to flex your typing skills in front of coworkers, then screensharing a typing game could be fun.

9) Host Pub Trivia

Trivia nights are easy, inoffensive ways to build camaraderie over Zoom. Set one person as the quizmaster. Create teams among employees – or have employees compete individually. Track scores, switch between categories, and award virtual prizes.

10) Run a Virtual Pub Crawl

Virtual pub crawls can take a few different forms:

• Ship a variety pack of beers or other beverages to each employee’s address, then do a virtual flight together

• Visit an entertaining website, pour a drink, and chat about the content of the website, then switch to a new website (i.e. a new ‘pub’) every 5 to 15 minutes

• Watch a game or live stream of something together over Zoom

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