March 11, 2021

Top 6 Easy-to-Plan Date Night Ideas for 2021

You don’t need to go overboard with date nights. Sometimes, the best nights are the simplest ones.

It’s easy to overthink date nights.

You don’t need to go overboard with date nights. Sometimes, the best nights are the simplest ones.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the most unforgettable date night ideas for 2021. These date nights are fun and creative – while still being easy to plan.

Plan a Picnic With a View

There’s nothing wrong with a simple picnic for date night.

Start by looking up a scenic spot near you. Maybe it’s a mountaintop. Maybe it’s a beach. Maybe you live near a lake. Maybe your rooftop has a beautiful skyline view.

Then, pack a lunch. Get a selection of meats and cheeses. Make some sandwiches. Cut up some fruit. Pack it all into a cooler (or better yet, a picnic basket).  

To make it even easier, pick up food on the way there. Grab a meal from your favorite take-out spot. Even a pizza works well.

Bring a blanket and some pillows to lay on the ground. Or, spread some comfy blankets in the back of your pickup truck or SUV.

Then, pick up your significant other and show them the special spot you’ve picked.

Attend a Virtual Painting Class Party with Paint and Sip LIVE

A virtual painting class is an easy date night to plan. In fact, you can plan your virtual painting class in minutes online.

Paint and Sip LIVE makes it easy to pick the right painting class. Browse our upcoming events to find the right one for you. We have theme nights, ordinary painting classes, and special date nights.

The best part? Our virtual painting classes are super easy to plan and attend.  

We can ship an all-in-one painting kit to any address in the United States before your painting class begins. Or, if you already have painting supplies at home, then just wait for your painting class to start.

Our professional painting instructor makes every class an unforgettable experience. Plus, most of our attendees are complete beginners – so don’t worry about your level of painting experience.

Make a Challenging Dish Together

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, then you’ve probably started making the same dishes for dinner.

Maybe you’re sick of tuna melts. Maybe you want more than just chicken pasta.

Find a unique dish to make together. Use ingredients that you’ve never used before. Pick a dish from an unfamiliar part of the world. You can find recipes online for anything.

Solving a problem is a great way to grow together. Start with a relatively simple dish. Then, if you don’t mess up, you can focus on more challenging creations.

Visit a Family Member

As the coronavirus pandemic subsides, it’s more important than ever to visit family.

If it’s safe to do so, consider visiting a family member with your significant other. You can introduce your significant other to an important person while showing the family member you care.

Maybe it’s an aunt that lives an hour outside the city. Maybe you’re looking for an overnight trip to visit your parents. Whatever the situation may be, visiting a family member may be the wholesome “date night” you’re looking for in 2021.

Practice a Foreign Language Together

It’s easier than ever to learn a foreign language for free. Practice a foreign language together online using any of the free language training platforms.

Maybe you’ve been planning to take a trip to France or Spain after the pandemic. Now’s the time to brush up on your language skills.

As you get better at a language, you can do more things together. Listen to a foreign language podcast and see how much you understand. Or, watch a movie without subtitles. You may be surprised how much you learn after immersing yourself.

Other Easy-to-Plan Date Night Ideas for 2021

You don’t need to create a complicated plan for your next date night. Sometimes, the best date nights are the ones that take just a few minutes to plan and execute.

Some of the other best date night ideas for 2021 that are easy-to-plan include:

• Print off photos you’ve taken over the last year and make a pandemic scrapbook

• Go to a trivia night at a local pub or brewery

• Plan a Goodwill date night, where you give each other $20 to buy the best outfit from Goodwill, then hit the town dressed up

• Go to a festival together

• Go skating

• Browse an antique store, a thrift store, or a garage sale in your neighborhood

Let’s face it: most of us have exhausted all our inside entertainment options after a year of lockdown. As things open up, it’s time to get out of the house and explore with your significant other (safely).

Don’t Stick with the Same Date Night Routine

Date nights can become too familiar. If you’re sick of the usual dinner-and-a-movie routine, then plan something more unique.

Follow one of the date night ideas listed above. Plan an unforgettable date night for your significant other in 2021.