November 30, 2020
Mike Jr

Virtual Corporate Team Building Events: Book a Private Virtual Painting Class

Remote work is the new normal. While some companies struggle to adapt to remote work, others are thriving. Today, more corporations are hosting virtual corporate team building events – like virtual painting classes.

Remote work is the new normal. While some companies struggle to adapt to remote work, others are thriving.

Today, more corporations are hosting virtual corporate team building events – like virtual painting classes.

Sure, Friday Zoom happy hours might be fun for some offices. But for genuine team building, it’s even better to perform a virtual activity – like creating a painting.  

At Paint and Sip LIVE, we love hosting virtual corporate team building events.

During a 2-hour painting class, you and your team follow professional painting instructions in a fun, interactive environment over Zoom.

At just $49 per person, our Paint and Sip LIVE virtual painting classes are ideal for all sizes and types of remote work teams.

Plus, we ship an all-in-one painting kit to each participant’s address, which means there’s no excuse not to join.

Our private virtual painting classes include:

• 2 hours of private instruction from a professional painter

• All-in-one painting kit shipped to each participant’s address anywhere in the United States

• Your choice of painting (say, a company logo, a new product, or an office building)

• A collaborative, interactive, low-stress environment that fosters team-building among remote work teams

Keep reading to learn more about our private virtual painting classes and how they work.

What to Expect with a Private, Virtual Painting Class

Book a private, virtual painting class today for just $49 per person. We have a 10-person minimum for each class.

Before the Class: Before the class, we ship an all-in-one painting kit to each participant’s address. The painting kit includes an artist’s palette, a selection of high-quality paints, a brush, and other tools needed.

During the Class: At your chosen date and time, each team member logs into our Zoom room. Our professional painting instructor guides the class from start to finish. Our instructor explains how to setup your painting space and how to get started. Then, the instructor walks guests through the painting process. Each class lasts for 2 hours. You choose the subject being painted (or, we can recommend something). We’ll play the music of your choice throughout the class.

After the Class: After the class, each team member has a finished painting of the subject – say, your company logo, your office building, or a new product. Compare paintings, rank the best and funniest paintings in the group, and enjoy the satisfaction of learning a new skill as a team.

We Welcome All Experience Levels!

Never painted before? That’s okay!

Have no painting supplies at home? That’s okay too!

Our classes welcome beginner and expert painters alike. In a typical corporate group, 90% of people have zero painting experience. For many of our guests, the last time they painted was in elementary school or middle school – and that’s fine!

Meanwhile, more experienced painters can learn from our professional instructor, following along as we re-create the image of your choice.

Remote Workers Need Team Building More than Ever

Working remotely can be isolating.

Some people thrive with remote work, while others do not.

Even people who like to work remotely, however, can benefit from corporate team building. 80% of remote workers report feeling some sense of isolation during the pandemic.

As teams grow and tackle new challenges, they may not know how to interact with one another.

When teams have no synergy, it creates inefficiency. Your company might ask a remote team to solve a complex challenge – when in reality, that team has hardly spoken to one another before. They don’t know the personalities of the team or the unique strengths of each team member.

That’s why virtual remote team building events are more valuable than ever.

Advantages of Virtual Remote Team Building Events

Other advantages of virtual remote team building events include:

• Boost morale

• Foster problem-solving skills

• Encourage a collaborative environment

• Welcome new employees

• Create a better-functioning team of remote workers

Overall, virtual remote team building events have the same advantages as in-person team building events. They help you build a more effective team in many different ways.

Other Ideas for Virtual Corporate Team Building Events

Our virtual painting classes are popular among corporations of all shapes and sizes. However, they’re not the only option available.

After talking to some of our corporate partners, here are some of the other virtual corporate team building events that have been popular throughout the pandemic:

Zoom Happy Hours: You don’t have to spend a fortune for an effective virtual team building event. Sometimes, all it takes is one or two Zoom happy hours. If you have the right group of employees, a Zoom happy hour can be a powerful team-building event.

Collaborative Video Games: From Among Us to Call of Duty to Age of Empires II, collaborative video games have surged in popularity during the pandemic. Depending on the demographics of your team, video games could be an effective virtual corporate team building tool.

Birth Map: Use Google Maps to create a collaborative map. Ask all employees to place a sticker close to their birthplace, along with brief information about their background, hobbies, and what they like about their place of birth.

Virtual Trivia: Some companies offer virtual trivia – just like Paint and Sip LIVE offers virtual painting classes for teams. However, it’s also easy to create your own virtual trivia night over Zoom.

Who’s the Baby? Ask everyone to share photos of themselves from when they were a baby. Play a guessing game to determine which baby is which team member.

Virtual Book Club: Start a virtual book club with the office. Read a book every week or every two weeks, then talk about it.  

Two Truths and One Lie: Two Truths and One Lie has been at the top of every “team building games” list for a decade. It’s an easy way to learn more about your team, and it takes just seconds to setup over Zoom.  

Remote Work Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

62% of corporations say they plan to continue remote work in some capacity moving forward.

Regardless of the pandemic, some corporations have made a permanent shift to remote work – or at least partial remote work.

Corporations have discovered powerful advantages of working remotely – from lower overhead costs to reduced employee absenteeism.

That’s why you can’t wait for an in-person team building event. In-person team building events may not be possible over the coming months.

And, as more companies have internationally-distributed teams than ever, in-person team building events just aren’t feasible for some firms.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to invest in virtual corporate team building events today.  

Other Benefits of a Virtual Painting Class

We love seeing teams grow and interact with one another during our private virtual painting classes. Other benefits of our classes include:

Learn a New Skill: 90% of our guests haven’t painted anything since middle school. Some have hardly held a paintbrush in their life – and that’s okay! Whether improving expert painting skills or learning beginner skills for the first time, our virtual painting classes teach you a new skill. You may be surprised by how well you and your team members can paint!

Mix Things Up: Sure, Zoom happy hours are fun. But they get boring after a while. Virtual painting classes and other team-building events mix things up, giving employees something unique at the end of the week.

Flex your Creativity: Painting flexes your brain in a unique way. When you paint, your brain literally accesses different parts of your brain than it does when processing numbers or words. Many people spend all day without accessing this part of their brain.  

Fun, Interactive, Low-Stress Environment: Painting isn’t competitive. Painting isn’t stressful. It’s a fun, interactive, low-stress exercise. If you want a lowkey team building event, then virtual painting classes can be an excellent option.

Affordable Entertainment: At a flat rate of just $49 per person (including a complete painting kit shipped to each participant’s address), our virtual corporate team building painting classes are guaranteed to deliver a return on investment.

Book Your Private Virtual Painting Party Today

You may be working remotely, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore team building. Remote work isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

As the internet’s leading virtual painting class provider, we work hard behind the scenes to make your event as memorable as possible.

Our flat-rate, all-inclusive pricing is $49 per person for a private class with a 10-person minimum.

Book your private, virtual painting party today with Paint and Sip LIVE.