August 27, 2020

What to Expect During a Painting & Wine Class

Whether you’re a beginner or expert painter – or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school – you can have fun with a Paint and Sip Live virtual paint class.

At Paint and Sip, we do painting classes a little differently. We ship painting materials to you, then you join one of our virtual paint classes.

Our online painting classes are accompanied by a live DJ or music act to keep you entertained. You get step-by-step instructions on how to create your next masterpiece, and all virtual classes are hosted by a live teacher who shows you exactly what to do.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert painter – or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since elementary school – you can have fun with a Paint and Sip Live virtual paint class.

Today, we’re explaining what to expect during a painting and wine class, including virtual classes like Paint and Sip Live or traditional paint and wine classes.

How most painting and wine classes work

Painting and wine classes are nothing new. At Paint and Sip Live, we’ve simply put a new spin on things. Some companies call them paint and sip experiences. Others call them painting with wine classes.

Whatever you call them, all painting and sipping classes follow the same basic premise: you paint something while drinking something.

Painting and sipping classes vary in terms of how they work. Some painting and sipping classes are BYOB. Others have built-in bars. Some classes only offer wine. Some offer craft beer, cocktails, or more exotic beverages. Most painting and sipping classes also offer non-alcoholic options – like soda, tea, or lemonade.

There are three main goals of a painting class:

            -   Painting

            -   Drinking

            -   Having fun

At Paint and Sip, our customers tend to enjoy all three at the same time. As long as you’re doing two out of three, we’re happy.

With traditional painting classes, the experience lasts 2 to 3 hours. Class length depends on the studio of your choice. Some classes last just 30 to 60 minutes, making it easy to join a class if you’re otherwise busy. Other classes cover multiple painting – and multiple bottles of wine.

Most painting classes are catered to adults. However, most painting classes also allow younger people to attend. It’s not uncommon to see families attend a paint and sip class. In some studios, painters have to be at least 13 to participate. In other studios, there’s no age limit.

Generally, painting studios recommend showing up 30 minutes early to setup, order a drink, and prepare to paint.

Most painting classes also have an artist. This artist gives you instructions on how to paint. The artist or instructor walks you through everything. Some people need more instruction than others. Some people are experts who know more than the instructor – and that’s okay too.

Some of the things the instructor can explain include:

            -    How to mix paints

            -    What types of brush strokes to use

            -    How to customize your painting and make it unique

            -    Simple tips for improving your painting

Most painting studios are small and intimate by design. The goal is to foster a close, creative environment – not fill a boring lecture hall with amateur painters.

Most painting classes foster a social environment. Some classes are even designed as mixers where you meet other people. We’ve seen speed dating paint classes and similar events, for example. Most painting classes host friends, couples, or groups of friends who are learning how to paint.

Other tips for attending your first Paint and Sip Live class

Never attended a painting class? That’s okay! Whether attending one of our virtual painting classes or an in-person class from another studio, here are some tips to help you get started:

Wear Old Clothes: Generally, you shouldn’t wear fancy clothes to a painting class. Wear something that can get dirty – or an outfit that would look better with paint streaks. Some studios provide aprons or coveralls. Others do not. Whether painting at home or in a studio, the chance of spilling paint on yourself is high.

Be Unique: As you get more experience, you might want to try more unique painting styles. Instead of following the exact color scheme and style of the instructor or model painting, for example, you might branch into your own unique style. Be unique and flex your creative muscle.

Ask Questions: We welcome complete beginners. Many of our students know nothing about painting. Some haven’t picked up a paintbrush since the second grade. We encourage you to ask instructors questions. It’s the only way to learn. There are no stupid questions!

The More the Merrier: Whether attending an in-person or virtual painting class, it’s more fun with other people. Ask a partner to join. Or, show up with a group of friends.

Final word

Paint and sip classes are a fun and creative way to flex your painting ability. You can improve painting, make friends, or grow existing relationships.

Attend a virtual paint and wine class with Paint and Sip Live today. We ship everything you need to your door – and you can join a live virtual paint class whenever you like.