November 27, 2020 9:00 PM
$ 20 
2 hours

Black Friday

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2 Hour Party and Painting Class | Step by Step Instructions | All Supplies Delivered to Your Door | Available Nationwide CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY WITH US!

Celebrate the holidays with Paint and Sip LIVE during our 2-hour Black Friday virtual painting class.

Featuring 2 hours of virtual painting instruction, our Black Friday virtual painting class is a productive and memorable event for your friends and family.

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Are you preparing for a long day of Black Friday holiday shopping? Great! Our painting class is a great way to de-stress and celebrate the day’s bargains after hours of shopping.

Are you staying indoors all day on Black Friday and avoiding the crazy crowds? That’s okay too! Have some productive fun with the Paint and Sip LIVE team as we celebrate the holiday season.

Like all our painting classes, our Black Friday class features a professional painting instructor walking you through a painting class. We’ll explain each step, making it easy to re-create the painting – even if you’re a complete beginner.

We can ship a beginner painting kit to your address, allowing you to easily hop into our class. We can ship anywhere in the United States, which means you can start painting without leaving your couch.

If you already have painting supplies at home, or if you’ve previously joined one of our classes, you can sign up for our Black Friday virtual painting class immediately and flex your painting skills.

Come paint with us with professional painting instruction, and (of course) wine in a collaborative environment. With Paint and Sip LIVE, we’re rewriting the rules of virtual painting classes.

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