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Friends Painting Together Online

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Looking for Hip Hop Nights and Caribbean Fridays? We have multiple music-themed nights per month.

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Interested in a unique birthday party, corporate team-building event, girl’s night out, or other special event? We’ve got that too!

From family painting nights to date nights and more, Paint and Sip LIVE has all types of events – and you get full access during your 30 day trial.

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Reasons to Try Paint and Sip LIVE.

Maybe you want to become a better painter. Maybe you haven’t painted anything in 20 years. Whatever you’re looking for, you can book your free trial with Paint and Sip LIVE today.


Make unforgettable memories on date nights, birthday parties, and holidays.
Create something together with friends and family.
Paint a masterpiece with your loved one.
Learn how to paint.
Two hours of professional painting instruction and live DJs with every class.
Improve existing painting skills.

Start Painting Tonight.

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Friends Painting Together Online

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