March 5, 2021

Best Hassle-Free Girls Night Out Ideas for 2021

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best hassle-free girls night out ideas for 2021. These GNOs are ridiculously easy to plan – even if you’re all super busy.

As we get older, getting together with friends is difficult.

Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to enjoy a girl’s night out – even if you’re too busy to plan anything crazy.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best hassle-free girls night out ideas for 2021. These GNOs are ridiculously easy to plan – even if you’re all super busy.

Book a Local Hotel or Airbnb for a Staycation

You need to get out of your house. Maybe you’re sick of looking at the same four walls every day. Maybe you’re tired of walking from the bedroom to the fridge to the computer every day.

We’re all tired of our homes.

Book a local hotel or Airbnb for a staycation. Be a tourist in a different part of the city. Grab drinks and a bite to eat with the girls, then have a hotel party or sleepover.

Attend a Wine Tasting

Even if you don’t live in a wine growing region, there’s probably a wine bar nearby. As the pandemic ends and wine bars open back up, it’s a better time than ever to attend a wine tasting.

Hit up a winery or wine bar in your area, then taste a flight of wines. You and your friends can pretend to know what you’re talking about when you get notes of grapefruit from the chardonnay.

Go to a Fancy Movie Theater

Movie theaters have adapted to changing trends. Today, you can find fancy movie theaters with reclining seats, seat-side service, and alcoholic beverages.

Pick a new movie you all want to see, then go to a fancy movie theater. It’s a hassle-free date night that will still be unforgettable.

Pick a Random Groupon

As the pandemic ends, local businesses will fight for your entertainment dollars. If you have a few friends, a Groupon is a great way to try something new at a discount rate.

Browse local offers on Groupon. Find something you like – or something you’ve never tried before.

Maybe it’s an Italian cooking class. Maybe it’s a pole dancing class. Maybe it’s one of the other things you’ve heard of but have never tried. Life’s too short. Try something new.

Host a Wine-Tasting Party

Don’t feel like going to a wine bar? Want to avoid spending $45 on a flight of wines you don’t care about?

Try a wine tasting at home. Ask everyone to spend $20 on a nice bottle of wine. Get glasses for everyone, then compare tasting notes.

You’re still drinking copious amounts of wine – but you can call it a wine tasting, so it’s classy.

Splurge on a Fancy Restaurant

You may not spend as much time with your girls as you used to. However, that means you can make the next GNO extra special.

Treat yourself to a fancy restaurant. Buy a bottle of wine you usually wouldn’t buy. Split a ridiculous number of tasty appetizers with the table. Stop looking at prices. You stayed inside most of the pandemic anyway, so you can treat yourself to a fun night out.  

Do a Swap Meet

After months of being stuck in our homes, you may be sick of looking at stuff around your house.

Schedule a swap meet with your friends. Pick a few items that you’re no longer using, then trade them with your group.

Maybe it’s fitness equipment. Maybe it’s something that reminds you of an ex. Maybe it’s a book you liked.

Attend a Virtual Painting Class

A virtual painting class with Paint and Sip LIVE isn’t your ordinary painting class: it’s a painting class party.

We frequently host bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and other high-octane events.

Browse our event schedule and pick your next girl’s night out. We have everything from R&B nights to St. Patrick’s Day Parties.

Plus, we make our classes hassle-free by shipping an optional all-in-one painting kit to any address in the United States.

Our classes are ideal if your girls are spread across the country or around the world. As long as you’re all on Zoom together, you can enjoy an unforgettable painting class while discovering a new skill.

Final Word

Going to the same bar for drinks can get boring.

Spice up your next girls night out with any of the ideas listed above. They’re easy to plan – even if you’re all too busy to setup anything extravagant.