February 3, 2021

Top 6 Creative Ideas for Virtual Work Parties in 2021

There are more games, websites, and group activities available online today than ever before. And yes, you can actually have fun while hosting a memorable corporate party.

It’s hard to plan in-person corporate parties in 2021.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to plan a virtual corporate party that’s actually fun.

There are more games, websites, and group activities available online today than ever before. And yes, you can actually have fun while hosting a memorable corporate party.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best and most creative virtual corporate party ideas for 2021.

Book a Virtual Painting Class Party

Okay, we’re biased: we love seeing corporate parties at our virtual painting classes.

We know corporate parties can be dry, and virtual corporate parties can be particularly awkward. We love to break that awkwardness by making each painting class as fun as possible.

A Paint and Sip LIVE painting class is more of a party than a traditional painting class. We play music you actually want to listen to. You get a live, energetic instructor. We go the extra mile to make your corporate event memorable.

Best of all – your employees get a unique team-building event.

Plus, your employees build a new skill or develop an existing skill. We get some corporate events where people haven’t painted for decades – and that’s okay! Everyone has fun.

Create Virtual Scavenger Hunts

It’s tough to have an in-person scavenger hunt. However, you can still have a fun virtual scavenger hunt with your office.

Ask employees to find something around their home or office. Ask them to find something yellow, for example. Or, give a point to the first person who returns to the computer with a jar of honey. Employees get eliminated when they’re the last person to return to the meeting with the item.

Schedule Virtual Casino Nights

Casino nights are a mainstay of corporate parties. You can still host casino nights in 2021 – in fact, they’re easier to plan than ever.

Find an online gaming platform. Have everyone create an account. Give everyone $100 of virtual money and see who wins the most by the end of the night.

You can take virtual casino nights to the next level by finding platforms with live dealers, theme nights, and other special features.

Host a Virtual Awards Night

Just like The Dundies, awards nights give employees recognition – or at least give everyone a fun excuse to celebrate.

Sure, you could stick to awards like hardest worker and best salesperson – just like every virtual awards night at every office party.

Or, you could give things a 2021 spin. Give awards like:

• Best Webcam Quality Award

• Prettiest Home Office Award

• Best Pet Award

• Brightest Room Award

• Earliest Zoom Sign-in Award

• Online Gaming Party

This virtual corporate party idea works great for certain offices. If your office skews younger, or if your office spends a lot of time playing online games already, then schedule an online gaming party.

You could play the latest Call of Duty or fire up Xbox Live

But there are plenty of fun online games you can find online. Play Settlers of Catan online, for example, or Scrabble.

Depending on the size of your office, you could have a “king of the board” style tournament, with winners moving on to face each other before crowning an ultimate champion.

Plan a Virtual Talent Show

If your office is extroverted, then a virtual talent show could be fun. Even if your office is introverted, employees may have special skills to share.

What makes your coworkers special? Does one coworker sing or play guitar? Is another employee a super fast typist?

Does one employee know every world capital? Can another employee name every country song based on the first 5 seconds?

Host a virtual talent show and let employees flex their skills – or show off the new skills they’ve developed after a year of quarantine.

Look for Online Trade Shows, Seminars, and Speeches

Most industry events are virtual in 2021 – or cancelled altogether.

That’s bad for employees who like to travel and network. However, it also gives more employees a chance to participate in industry events they would normally be unable to attend.

Even something as simple as a YouTube video from an industry expert could work – look for TED talks from someone who knows a lot in your space, then watch the speech together.

Look for virtual events taking place in your industry – from seminars to trade shows. Plan something for a Friday afternoon to give employees a break. You let employees relax while still being productive.  

Conclusion: Book a Virtual Corporate Party That’s Actually Fun Today

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to boost company morale in a remote office.

Fortunately, you have more options than ever for creating virtual corporate parties that are actually fun – from virtual painting classes to virtual trivia nights.

Book a corporate virtual painting class with Paint and Sip LIVE today!